Freedom is under attack.
Creators are fighting back!

We help artists create non-fungible tokens (NFT) to support Ukraine. 100% of proceeds go to rapid humanitarian aid through Unchain.fund. Over $9,526,870 has been raised to date.

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Art has always made the world a better place. Artists of the world, we call upon you!

Today, your work will save lives and move hearts. Upload original media (photos, illustrations, drawings, poems, etc.) in high quality and let us do the rest. We will use the entirety of our social network and resources to get your art seen, so that it pierces human hearts like the poignard dagger that inspired our team. Minting an NFT costs money but we use “lazy minting” which makes this free for you.

1. Get approved here by whitelisting yourself.
2. Connect your wallet to proceed.
3. Upload your artwork.
4. Set the sale price.
5. See your creative work become humanitarian aid!

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Are you a collector, philanthropist, NFT ape? Support our artists today!

Your purchase is a badge of honor. Your money goes fully and directly to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The smart contract behind PoignART makes it impossible for our team to ever touch your money.

If you wish, you can resell the NFT for yourself. Every time an NFT is resold, 5% of the sale goes to Unchain Fund. Each work of art is a gift that keeps on giving!

We stand against virtue signaling, opaque money management, and middlemen taking a cut. NFTs are transparent, verifiable, and traceable. PoignART is, and will always be, run by volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on your team?

Our team is a group of volunteers in the Web3 world including leaders from ETHDenver, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, RaidGuild, Opolis, Cryptokitties, Cipher Media, MetaGame, Unchain, Gitcoin, KERNEL, LexDAO, and more! Please do not tag nor credit us individually. All public attention and praise must go to the cause!

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Content Creator

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Kyle aka Bestape


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Unchain is already transferring funds to the people on the ground in Ukraine who need it most.

Helping Kharkiv & Sumy refugees in Poltava schools with diapers, food, baby food, flashlights, and more. Providing medicine via Ukraine's veteran's fund. Organizing laundry for refugees in Uzhgorod. PoignART's contributions will get more urgent needs met quicker and in more cities.

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